Description of Engineering Services and Transport Communications

The center infrastructure is planned for autonomous working regime.

Engineering Services and Transport Communications


Electric Power Supply

Power supply of the center is provided by four transformer substations (2*10 000 V, 2*400 V), electric energy input from the municipal networks is provided from three independent substa­tions. The existing transformer substations are connected in such a way that in case of an emergency failure one of them will be able to provide uninterrupted functioning of the center.


Own boiler room provides supply of hot water to the blocks and veapor for technological purposes (canteen and laundry), heating of four bedroom blocks. There are two boilers in the boiler room: one is exploited, the second is in reserve, the both boilers work on medium pressure gas

Gas supply

The medium pressure gas pipeline network, there is own gas distribution station.

Telephone Network

Communication between the blocks is provided via mini telephone exchange station for 40 numbers, there are 3 incomnig city lines and fixed payment for mobile communications, there are in tital 8 city numbers. The territory has radio communications and is connected with the city network.

Transport Infrastructure

The object lies on the crossroads of the main transport routes. There are convenient access ways to the sea front, the main and support access ways to the recreational and utility zones of the center. The general development plan of Yevpatoriya includes construction of tram communication with the settlement Zaozyornoye, the branches of which will pass in close vicinity to the object.

Water-Supply System

Two wells of the underground frsh waters of the Alminsky deposit with the depth of 120 and 175 m (#6262 - the main one, #6339 - the reserve one) with the outflow (well spring) 20 m3/ hour each provide water supply to the whole territory. Th waterintake is set at 600 m3/24 hours for each one.

There are underground reservoirs with the capacity of 1000 m3 (fresh water) for continuous water supply, fire reservoir - 650 m3 and watering reservoir - 650 m3. There is also a water tower on the territory.

Water is discharged to the minicipal sewage networks through an own sewage station with an accumulation tank, which is set on the territory.

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